Georges and Anne are in their eighties.
They are cultivated, retired music teachers.
Their daughter, who is also a musician, lives abroad with her family.
One day, Anne has an attack.
The couple’s bond of love is severely tested.

DIRECTOR: Michael Haneke

Jean-Louis Trintignant , Emmanuelle Riva , Isabelle Huppert

RUNNING TIME: 127 minutes


COUNTRY: Austria, France, Germany

BBFC RATING: 12A (Click here for the full classification report)

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The unavoidability of death is a matter frequently evaded by euphemism and clouded by sentimentality. Austrian film-maker Michael Haneke has often been open to the charge of obscurity, ambivalence and obliquity, but no one has ever accused him of suggesting that life is other than a vale of tears best endured by honesty, love, unremitting work and a frank recognition of its essentially tragic nature … Click here for the full review
Amour, which won Michael Haneke his second Palme d’Or in a row and rightly so, may be the most enclosed film this master of discomfort has ever made, on the surface an almost anti-cinematic one. It’s about extreme old age, the gradual failing of a human body, and the responsibility suggested by its title — a film about what love costs as much as what it brings … Click here for the full review

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“The worst part of being old is rememberin’ when you was young,” Alvin Straight remarks sagely in David Lynch’s The Straight Story, but Austrian director Haneke’s Palme D’Or winner suggests an altogether less whimsical reality: that the hardest part of advancing years may, in fact, be watching helplessly as a loved one slowly succumbs to the ravages of old age … Click here for the full review and rating
Old age and terminal illness are placed under Michael Haneke’s microscope in Amour.But far from being a cold, scientific study from a filmmaker frequently accused of placing a pane of glass between his work and his viewers, this sensitive film emerges heartfelt and humane … Click here for the full review and rating
Michael Haneke and his collaborators have long made a habit of wrong-footing audiences. Over the course of his 25-year career, idyllic escapes have turned to group suicide, generic thrillers to loaded critiques of media violence. Suspense offers no catharsis; post-apocalyptic dramas refuse to reveal their catastrophes … Click here for the full review