Apparently inspired by the filmmaker’s fascination with the after hours life of stretch limousines, Denis Lavant plays Monsieur Oscar who, over the course of a single day, takes on 10 other guises, ranging from a gangster and ageing millionaire to a troubled parent and anarchic tramp. With impressive cameos by Eva Mendes and Kylie Minogue, Holy Motors is the rarest of things – a true original.

DIRECTOR: Leos Carax

Denis Lavant , Edith Scob , Eva Mendes

RUNNING TIME: 116 minutes

LANGUAGE: French, English, Chinese, Merdogdon

COUNTRY: France, Germany

BBFC RATING: 18 (Click here for the full classification report)

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… It is, I think, a marvellous movie, vivid, witty, varied, puzzling, though not without its longueurs, and it uses the cinema itself as a metaphor for the journey of life, which some level-headed Anglo-Saxon audiences may find deeply irritating. … Click here for the full review
There will be no wilder, weirder movie out this year than Leos Carax’s Holy Motors, an often jaw-droppingly bonkers dive into the id. It’s not for the faint-hearted or anyone who sets high store by conventional narrative logic. Like an aggressively doolally circus showman, Carax shoves us into our seats for an amusement-park ride through the subconscious, making pit-stops wherever he feels like it … Click here for the full review

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There is nothing about Holy Motors that isn’t weird. It’s directed by unorthodox Frenchman Leos Carax — an anagram of the first two words of his real name, Alex Oscar Dupont — who claims that he considered Lon Chaney and Charlie Chaplin for the lead role. It’s a freewheeling, kaleidoscopic tale that takes in talking cars, gloopy alien CG sex and a hobo with a hard-on. Perhaps strangest of all, it’s a film featuring Kylie Minogue that’s a contender for the best of the year … Click here for the full review and rating
Indescribable. It’s not the most useful word for a film review, but Leos Carax’s return to directing frequently defies description. A Parisian picaresque, in which Denis Lavant shows just why he’s one of the best French actors alive, Carax’s playful blend of David Lynch and Lewis Carroll truly has to be seen to be believed … Click here for the full review and rating
Cinema is dead (or dying) but all is cinema. This contradictory, Godardian discourse animates Leos Carax’s Holy Motors, the director’s long-awaited fifth feature, his first since Pola X in 1999. It is expressed in, among other things, the use of digital cameras, despised by Carax as “computers, not cameras” but which made the project financially possible … Click here for the full review