Date Screened: 2nd September 2013


Sixteen-year-old Claude (Ernst Unhauer) insinuates himself into the house of fellow high school student Rapha (Bastien Ughetto), writing about his family in essays that perversely blur the lines between reality and fiction for his jaded literature teacher Germain (Fabrice Luchini). Intrigued by this gifted and unusual student, Germain rediscovers his taste for teaching, but the boy’s intrusion sparks a series of uncontrollable events. Kristin Scott-Thomas plays Germain’s wife, Jeanne, a contemporary art gallery director who avidly follows Claude’s semi-imaginary escapades, while Emmanuelle Seigner plays Rapha’s mom, Claude’s object of desire.

DIRECTOR: Francois Ozon

Fabrice Luchini , Ernst Umhauer , Kristin Scott Thomas

RUNNING TIME: 105 minutes



BBFC RATING: 15 (Click here for the full classification report)

Reaction Index Score: 71%



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Ozon’s new film, the teasing comedy In the House, touches on a number of his recurrent concerns, among them the nature of creativity and stories within stories, and it is, I think, his best work to date. … Click here for the full review
Here, he’s telling two stories, one born of the other. Jaded writer-turned-teacher Germain (Fabrice Luchini) has had his interest piqued by the one pupil of the Lycée Gustave Flaubert who can string a sentence together. Each week, Claude (Ernst Umhauer) turns in a piercing anecdote drawn from a classmate’s home – handwritten A4 sheets that keep everybody on tenterhooks … Click here for the full review
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Reality is hard to disentangle from fiction in Ozon’s ingenious narrative, itself a witty essay on the possibilities of storytelling. … Click here for the full review and rating
Needless to say, as fiction and reality blur, it all gets très messy, as Ozon vividly explores ideas of manipulation and authorial control.Utterly assured, breathtakingly executed and riotously funny … Click here for the full review and rating